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You're now part of the TUS-community where authentic innovators meet, learn from en inspire each other.

We create meaningful impact together by being our very best. So join us on this journey by engaging in constructive dialogues and events, sharing your knowledge and experience and connecting to other innovative professionals. 

If you have questions about our community, just reach out to our Community Manager: Esther van der Ham via

Welcome and let's enjoy each other's company!

Rolf liked 2 days ago
Esther van der Ham
Raising vibes and consciousness @ TUS-Community,
Happy Friday everyone! After 4 weeks of hosting the very first TUS MOOC, we closed it today with an insightful dialogue café meeting. Thank you Marieke Hoffmann, Elisabeth Werter, Netty Arriëns, Stijn Janssen, Jos Maassen, Jeroen van Weeghel, Rolf van Haren and Yvonne Rossou for your valuable contributions! We're going to add your ideas to the new MOOC's, which will start after the holidays and will be announced here in this community. Also, we'll continue to host the TUS cafe every Friday at noon. So you're welcome to join us to meet your fellow innovators and engage in meaningful dialogues... (More)
Hugo liked 14 days ago
Matilda Rizopulos
Advisor Learning & Innovation @WCDI
Bedankt voor de inspiratie & inzichten in de MOOC proeftuin. Ik heb genoten van af en toe inloggen en nieuwe dingen te ontdekken. Ik ben opzoek naar nieuwe netwerken om andere perspectiven. Ik hoop dat ik meer van jullie kan leren en jullie van mij. Fijne zomer voor nu! (I'm not good at expressing myself in Dutch, just so you know :))
Hugo replied 14 days ago
Marieke commented 18 days ago
Esther van der Ham
Raising vibes and consciousness @ TUS-Community,

Coming Friday, July 24th 12.00 - 13.00 CEST, we'll host the closing webinar of our 1st TUS MOOC. In this webinar, we'll share our lessons learned from the MOOC and engage in a lively dialogue on how to apply these in practice.

You're all wholeheartedly welcomed in our ZOOM session via:

Please, let us know in the comments if you will attend.
We hope to see you all on Friday!

On behalf of the TUS-team,