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The Upgrade Tasting
The Upgrade Tasting
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The Upgrade Society provides an environment in which to learn with like-minded professionals. In the group of tastings you can taste the topics that The Upgrade Society considers important. 

Every two weeks a new expert starts with a fixed program: 

  • Day 1     Explanation on the topic
  • Day 3     Deepening on the “what” of the topic
  • Day 5     The “how” of the expertise.
  • Day 7     Experimentation with the expertise.
  • Day 9     Reflecting with the group.
  • Day 11  Completion in a ZOOM session in the form of a Webinar

The first time participating is free, after that it is 10 euros per month with two new topics that are fully worked out every month.

Let's learn, grow, connect and create together.

Questions? Please mail us at:

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