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Q&A The Upgrade Society Matching
Q&A The Upgrade Society Matching
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Welcome to the group in which we discuss the AI matching environment of The Upgrade Society ( We offer an open environment for professionals, we deliver for companies a private environment to use for project sourcing and innovation team selection. 

Please join the conversation here at our community page so we can onboard you in the right way on the platform that organizes the future with you! 

Rolf liked a reply 19 days ago
Rolf van HarenUpgraders
CEO, Founder... Your business friend

What is your biggest challenge in regard of sourcing the right talents within your organization?

  1. Is it finding them in several departments?
  2. Is it about the qualified unknown?
  3. Or is it that the HR system does not permit you to deep search the whole ecosystem to find those hidden super professionals?
  4. Other... like....

Join the discussion, love the hear the challenge and let’s empower each other to embrace all the potential that’s within the organization.



Hugo liked 9 hours ago
Rolf van HarenUpgraders
CEO, Founder... Your business friend
Welcome Wijnand Prins within the Q&A group. If you have any question in regard of the Upgrade Society feel free to ask them here..

In what kind of upgrades are you involved right now?